Vpn for Jammu And Kashmir : No.1 is Best Check Now

Now-a-days privacy is first for everyone we have to setup many thing for our privacy. From of them one thing is vpn on internet we secure ourself using vpn{virtual private network}. Today I’m going to show you best vpn for jammu and kashmir.

What is VPN

A virtual private network extends a private network across a public network. and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks. If their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

Check best vpn for jammu and kashmir :

Vpn for jammu and kashmir

1.Hotspot Shield

They built Hydra, own proprietary VPN protocol based on the OpenSSL library. To make Hotspot Shield the fastest VPN on the market. Unlike other VPN providers, which all use the same basic OpenVPN technology. Their patented Hydra protocol delivers unrivaled speed and performance, ensuring fast, seamless streaming and gaming with no buffering. Even when connected to countries half the world away. But their servers have a built-in malware database. Protect you from over 57 million malicious sites a day ones that are known to host malware.

Link:- https://www.gethotspotshield.com/free-vpn/

2.Nord VPN

This is also Free of cost and provide you a best vpn services.

Link:- https://nordvpn.com/download/

3.Lets VPN

This have very good vpn fast service but this is only available for a day after that you have to purchase it. But if you use refer id you will get 4 days service. Refer Id:88798138

Link:- https://letsconnect-vpn.org/apps/

4.Proton Vpn

It provide two types of service free as well paid on their website choose free and get free service app and enjoy.

Link:- https://account.protonvpn.com/signup

5. Windscribe

It is also very good vpn it also free as well paid you can purchase or can take trial from.

Link:- https://windscribe.com/

These are the following links for the websites of vpn. We are providing you links for vpn and telling you the benefits of vpn but we are not leading you to do any misuse of vpn. It is just for maintaining your privacy. We are not encouraging you for any terror activity Or our website is not responsible for any terror activity.

How to make youtube video viral : No.3 is Best Check Now

In this post We are going to show you how to make youtube video viral. It is easy,you can share your videos on other social media platforms but it didn’t reflect any subscribers to you. So, in this post I will show you how you can easily share your post and make it viral and also I will show you one more interesting way where you can increase your subscribers.

First I will show you the ways from which you can earn traffic/views.

You have to make some accounts on social media for knowing how to make youtube video viral:


1.Make a account on pinterest .

Here you have to make business account. Now start making posts here. Write the start words of your post or of your video in description and in description link add the link of your video or post. [ This is first way for : how to make youtube video viral ]

2. Try to share on facebook and instagram.

3.Guest Post

This is for blogger if you want to share your post then submit your your post on other websites as guest post then add link of your post in gueest post. You will get many traffic from here. Check where to add guest post here. [ This is third way for : how to make youtube video viral ]

4.Send post to Bloggers

From this way you can also gain some subscribers on your youtube channel. You have to prepare a best video of you and send that video to youtube channel Radesh Sharma. You can send video him on instagram. [ This is fourth way for : how to make youtube video viral ]

He will upload your youtube video on his youtube channel. From their some people come on your channel and subscribe you.

I hope that you like my all the ways. But in my opinion the best way to earn traffic is 4 try it. It can help you . For more queries please comment below. You can also suggest us.

How to change upload size of website [ php ini max upload size ] 2MB to @MB Check Now

In this post We are going to show you how to change uploading capacity of website [ php ini max upload size ]. This is easy but many people make this complicated by showing make php.ini file or extra, make changes in programs. But you have to do nothing you have to change simple settings in cPanel.

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What problem you have?

You can’t upload files more than 2 MB/ 28 MB/ Else. This is because your hosting provider or Word Press have default settings for uploading. So, due to default settings of these two you can’t upload more than …..deault limit.You don’t have to make any php.ini file. We can change max upload size from cPanel also. Don’t worry php ini max upload size not anything big issue just a small option it can easily fixed by changing the value.

php ini upload size max
php upload size max

Now lets see how to change this :-

1.Go in cPanel. Login.

2.In cPanel , go to software section, and select ….”select PHP version”.

3. When you click on “select PHP version” on your right top corner their is option “switch to PHP option” click on it. [ by this your wordpress upload http error also fixed. ]

4.Their are many option click on “upload_max_size” and change limit as you want.

5. Also change “post_max_size” as per your requirement.

6. Click on save.

For more understandation check video tutorial:

Video by Radesh Sharma

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How to create free backlinks for website No.1 Method

In this post I’m going to show you how to create free backlinks for website. Everyone is rumoring here and there for free backlinks. So, I thing for this way..

First of all why we need backlinks ::

Backlinks are links that are direct towards your website. Also knows as Inbound links . Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query. So, we wanted to know how to create free backlinks for website.

A search engine considers the content of the sites to determine the Quality of a link. When inbound links to your site come from other sites, and those sites have content related to your site, these inbound links are consider more relevant to your site. If inbound links are found on sites are with unrelated content, they are consider less revelent. The higher the relevance of inbound links, the greater their quality [ high quality backlinks free ].

Now let’s talk about how to create free backlinks for website:-

How to create free backlinks for website
Backlink Get Free

There are two types of backlinks:-

1.Do-follow [necessary for seo] [ high quality backlinks free ] 2. No-follow [just for gaining traffic]

We want to Optimise our website so we have to make do-follow backlinks [ high quality backlinks free ]. The best and safer way to create free do-follow links is by submitting guest post.

But some websites delete our links from our guest post which we submit and ask for money for adding there link. But we want to add free and want profit. We want to add high quality backlinks free .

So, there is a website which allow you to add guest post with your website link [maximum 2].
But you have to follow one condition of that website you have to add there website link in your website and share link of post with them where you add there website link . By doing this you are also increasing your seo position you are making outbounding links [ high quality backlinks free ].

How to submit Guest post and Where to submit:-

First of all you have to prepare a best topic for submit, this have to fulfill word limit of 290-310 and in post every sentences have a word limit of 20 words. After preparing go to this website HERE.

Enter your name,email,select category,answer the anti spam question, enter your post text in post column and at last verify you are not a robot. Click in submit your post and wait for reply.
For more explanation check video tutorial:-

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Make Sky Change VFX : No.1 Best Method

Now-a-days people are too much interested in vfx because of social media platform tiktok. People search about how to mak sky change vfx. Everyone want to get more and more hearts,So, they are trying to make new-new vfx video like [ sky change vfx ]…there are many platform to make vfx most popular are after effects,adobe after effects,etc.

First of all I explain you what is VFX?

Visual effects are often integral to a movie’s story and appeal. Vfx is make by two parts of videos. One video is raw and second video is effects after collapasing both of them new video is called Vfx . Which is totally diffenent from raw video. But as easy in reading it is not easy to make VFX. So, vfx is only made by trained creaters.

So ,in today’s post we are going to show you how you can make cool vfx using android smartphone/mobile editing….because every haven’t computer,”is I am right?”. [want to know how to earn money online.]

Make Sky Change Vfx
Make Sky Change Vfx

You need one editor kinemaster . But if you want watermark free kinemaster download from below [ need to make sky change vfx ]:

Download Section:


1.Make raw video in which you can add effects.

2.Download background video from google or search on youtube which is better choose and copy link go to onlineconverter and download video.

3.Open kinemaster and start editing.

4.Merge both videos using chroma key. Make sure contract,brightness,and saturation level is good.

I know you are not understanding better check out video tutorial:

Video by Radesh Sharma

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How to make intro video for YouTube #1 free method

In this post We are going to show you How to make intro video or tittle video for any platform. You can make simple but trendy introduction videos free but if you want to make high class introduction video then you have to pay for some fonts because paid have classy look but some free also have classy look.

Understand more about introduction video because without understandation you didn’t catch source:-

Intro” = introduction. It’s the term for the opening part of a video, typically a short scene / recap and/or some opening titles or credits at the beginning of the video to give the viewer an idea of the content or its theme. “Outro” is a play on “intro” and refers to content that marks the end of a video.

I will show you whole process of how you can make intro video by video and also by some text navigation…….

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Follow all steps and enjoy new introduction video but don’t forget to comment below…..

1.You have to download one app from play store which is intro maker vlog trailer maker.

2. Open app and choose a theme/video for introduction.

3. Now edit text,font and you are ready.

If you want good results check video tutorial for text and font editing:::::

Video by Radesh Sharma.

I hope this post is helpful for you guys keep commenting your problems below we are happy to help you.

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Increase Jio Internet Speed 0 to @

In this post We are going to show you how you can overcome from jio slow internet speed and increase jio internet speed. Now-a-days at crowding or at some specific areas we are facing jio internet speed issue. Therefore I am showing you how you can increase your jio internet speed. But you have to believe on us. (Proof given in video below.)

Before start increasing process you have to “what is apn ?”

APN stands for Access Point Name. It’s a setting on mobile phones that the phone’s carrier uses to set up a connection to the gateway between the carrier’s network and the internet.

The APN is used to find the right IP address that the device should be identified with on the network, determine if a private network is needed, choose the correct security settings that should be used, and more. [Want to watch movie directly from your phone to laptop without sharing check here.] Lets come toward increase jio internet speed.

Increase Jio Internet Speed
Increase Jio Internet Speed

Apn are of many types but if we mix any with each other our system didn’t respnose well.

Follow all the steps given unless guys you will have more internet problem issue::

1.You have to go to your smartphone settings. Their is mobile networks open it.

2. In mobile networks find APN [access point name ]. Their is already one Apn is available you have to click on it.

3. After click you get many options their….you have to change only specific which I am told you…



{Type all letters as it is given here capital letters capital and small letters small/otherwise you have to face internet slow speed big issue.}

Server:: www.google.com

Authentication Type:: PAP OR CHAP

APN Protocol:: IPv4/IPv6

APN roaming Protocol:: IPv4/IPv6

Bearer: select all options { expect one (deselect unspecified) }

4. All set on the top corner of right side their is three dot select it and save. After saving restart your smartphone once.

I hope you set everything correctly but if you want any proof of this trick or video tutorial then check out this::

Video by Radesh Sharma

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How to connect mobile screen to laptop

In this post We are going to show you how to connect mobile screen to laptop with your pc/laptop. You can easily mirror/project your your smartphone screen on laptop. By doing this you can do many new things like play games on big screen by using your smartphone as a remote . ou can play pubg on bigger screen. Play hill climb racing like games and also you can watch movies directly without sharing……and much more.

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Okay without wasting time lets start……

1.For knowing how to connect mobile screen to laptop. You have to connect your pc and smartphone with same wifi. [if you don/t have wifi don’t worry you can use another smartphone hotspot,with data off their is no need of data connection .You just have to connect the both the device with same network.]

2.Now go to your laptop settings[window 10]. Select system,after selecting system you have option [projecting to this pc ] select it. [ There is options of how to connect mobile screen to laptop ]

3.Their is need to change some settings.Their is first option….[some windows and android devices can project to this pc when you sayy it’s ok] Change their and select ”available everywhere”.

Their is second option [Ask to project this pc] select their ‘‘first time only” remain all otheir options off.

4.Go to your smartphone select cast option [display<advanced<cast]. When you select cast option you will see your pc name select it. now wait a while….[ If your smartphone haven’t cast option, then download any app for casting from playstore.]

YEAP!You are connected enjoy.Share it.

For video tutorial check out this:::


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Best 3 Earphones Under 400 rupees

In this post We are going to show you best 3 earphones under 400 rupees which is affordable and of best quality.In our busy life earphones are our basic needs,that’s why I decided to make this post.

When we go to buy earphone what we see in them :1. quality of cable 2. Looks great or not? 3. how is it’s base power 4.sound quality. Here in the list all 3 earphone have already tested for these things and they pass these tests with gradde A. So, we are refering these earphone to you.

Please guys give feedback because we are really happy to help you. Please report your problem we will come back soon with your problem’s solution.

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Okay guys without wasting time lets start.


It’s main specification is, it have very high base and 10mm dynamic drivers.It have noise cancellation structure and 1.2meter length.


It’s main specification is, it have tangle free wire ,Aluminium alloy sound chamber.it also have 10mm drivers.

3.SellnShip iZ10 in-Ear Earphone with Microphone 

It’s main specification is,it have 45* degree deflection cavity design,extra bass.

I hope you like this earphones these are basic earphones but best under 400 rupees.

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How to Factory Data Reset Vivo V9

In this post we are going to show you how to factory data reset vivo v9. Be carefully guys follow all the steps otherwise me and my post is not responsible for any loss.

First of all you have to know “what is a recovery mode? “

Recovery is an independent, lightweight run time environment that is included on a separate partition from the main Android operating system on all Android devices. You can boot directly into recovery mode and use it to factory reset your device, delete the cache partition, or apply software updates.

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Guys lets start doing process..how to factory data reset vivo v9..

1.Power OFF your vivo v9. After power off press volume up + power on button.As you see logo on screen leave power on button.

2.Select the recovery mode option using volume down button and select with power on button.

3.[Using volume down,up and power off button.] Choose wipe data option ,now their are four more options are there choose wipe data and enter pattern or pin of your smartphone.

4.Now choose restart option and wait for boot ,Now you are all set,do some basic settings your smartphone is restored.

for video tutorial check out this:::

Video By Radesh Sharma

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