How to hide notch screen in any smartphone

In this post We are going to show you how to hide notch area/screen in any notch screen smartphone.Sometimes some features are not worked properly with notch screen then we have a need to hide notch screen.

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Guys follow all the steps given below and enjoy.

1.You need a Internet connection in your smartphone.Open your play store and search for a app with name ‘’Nacho-Notch’’.

2.After downloading and installation complete you don’t need to open app.

3.Just go to your control centre(scroll bar/notification panel). Their is a option to add more shortcuts, click on more.

4. When you click on more you see a new shortcut with name hide notch/nacho notch. Add that one to your control centre.

5. Now when you need to hide notch select this shortcut and deselect for notch.

For video tutorial check out this::::
Video by Radesh Sharma.

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