How to remove noise from video using android app

In this article. We are going to show you how to remove noise from video easily by following some simple steps in android smartphone.Now-a-days people are too much active on social media platforms. So,we have to upload quality content on these platforms. Sometimes we are taking video clips. But suddenly unpleasant sound comes, due to this video gone wrong. We have to fix it.We have to upload noise free video. But in the noisy world how we can make noise free video. We can’t make noise free video but we can made video noise free by simple editings.

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So, guys follow all my steps for better results

1.First of you need 3 apps to download 1.Any video editor.

2.Video to Mp3 converter.

3.Lexis Audio Editor [Most imp.]

2.Now go to video to mp3 converter app choose your video from which you have to remove noise.. and make mp3 file of video.

3.After making mp3 file go to lexis audio editor and follow the steps given in video from duration 3:17 to 10:55 .

Video for better tutorial:-

4. Wait few steps are waiting….now you have to go to video editor which you have downloaded. Select your video and mute it…after muting select audio option and add sound their. Select the sound which you edit in lexis audio editor. All set click on save changes..Your noise free video is ready.If you are confused at any point go to video their is full tutorial.

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